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Is your business secure? Your company generates infinite bytes of mission-critical information that, if not properly secured, could result in serious monetary penalties for the company.  To effectively deal with cybersecurity challenges, companies must understand how to minimize their risk and liability. Having qualified and experienced legal counsel who understands the technical nuances, both in the cyber and legal world, is key.

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Seaton Daly Law assists clientele in the growth and development of their emerging enterprise. Whether we are advising executive management on unforeseen governance matters, designing a data governance program for enterprise risk management compliance, or advising on matters such as joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, or corporate financing and contract negotiations, our firm is committed to creating the most innovative and strategic business solutions for our clientele.

Advising Emerging Companies

The Pacific Northwest is a global business center for emerging, cutting-edge companies with an unmatched spirit of innovation. Entrepreneurs need a corporate legal team with knowledge of the region’s business climate to help perpetuate profitable investments. With our office ideally situated in downtown Seattle, we are firmly positioned to provide a local footprint with convenient access to investment and business opportunities within the entire Pacific Northwest.




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A Brief Bio of Seaton…

Seaton Daly regularly works on the representation of privately-held and non-profit organizations. He counsels start-up and early-stage businesses on choice-of-entity formation, equity financings, mergers and acquisitions, general commercial business transactions, and cyber law matters. Within his cyber law practice, Mr. Daly (1) developed a corporate data governance program for client implementation; (2) co-founded the Data Privacy and Security Alliance; (3) special advisor for USA Freedom Act - legislation to restore privacy rights by ending the government's bulk collection of phone records; and (4) had a role as committee leader for the Washington Technology Industry Association's security community. Representative clientele includes a variety of business, industry and trade associations on topics related to cybersecurity, government response requests, cloud computing, e-discovery, online behavioral advertising, professional ethics in the use of social media, and data governance compliance. As part of his commitment to improving the lives within the community he serves, Mr. Daly is involved in coaching varsity high school football, and recently finished a two-year tenure as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Urban Family Center of Seattle. Urban Family is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing resources to underserved communities and providing mentoring services to high-risk youth.
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Citing Failures Related to Massive Data Breach, Sony CEO Loses 15% of Salary

Citing a lack of corporate contorls and preparedness to protecting mission-critical data, more corporate boards are holding back the salaries and bonuses of its chief executives.  At Sony, Corp., the board of director’s decided to cut the salary of its current CEO, Howard Stringer, by 15%, and its probably successor Kazuo Hirai, from 110 million […]

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The Political Irony of ‘Net Neutrality’

In a 3-2 vote today, the Federal Communications Commission announced it would begin to regulate the Internet, effectively prohibiting Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from discriminating against any website or online service traffic.  Seeing the futility of politicizing a topic that is so new to legislators, Democrat and Republican lawmakers simply punted for now on the debate. […]

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