Cyber Law

Today, the issue of cybersecurity has become as much a legal problem, as a technical problem. The question for corporations is “when” should they engage the legal department in its cybersecurity efforts. Primarily, a lawyers job is to understand the patchwork of laws that govern cybersecurity matters at the state and federal level, including sector specific legislation. However, it also requires coordinating a collaborative partnership between several support units within the organization. This is requiring lawyers to have better legal knowledge, technical knowledge, communication skills.

Every day, businesses generate infinite bytes of mission-critical information that, if not properly secured, could result in serious monetary penalties for the company. In addition to pecuniary losses, businesses also acquire irreparable damage to its corporate brand and reputation. On the risk management spectrum, cybersecurity is now the primary concern for most corporate Board of Directors. Many organizations lack an effective information security plan, fail to execute it adequately, or are reactive in meeting cyber-threats. To effectively deal with cybersecurity challenges, companies must understand how to minimize their risk and liability by implementing a comprehensive safeguards program.

Our cyber-world today is a Dr. Seussian-like “thing-a-ma-jigger” of patches and fixes that dissuades a direct attack, but allows the resulting response, by the perpetrators, to flank the targeted organization or individual. This mindset proves (1) very costly to keep updated; (2) costly to consumers; and (3) other areas of the organization become underfunded. Our IT infrastructure fails miserably at safeguarding mission-critical data, because it is too rigid and static.

The emerging practice area of cyber law has progressively grown since Mr. Daly started his firm in 2007. Recently enacted federal and state legislation highlights the responsibility for businesses to be on the alert for potential fraud and abuse of its mission-critical information. In order to adequately respond to a government inquiry, businesses need legal counsel who understand the technical nuances, both in the cyber and legal world. Having qualified and experienced legal counsel to assist the organization throughout the government inquiry or civil litigation process will serve to mitigate its exposure.

Advising the Emerging Business

The Pacific Northwest is a global business center for emerging companies. One out of every three jobs in the Pacific Northwest is tied to international trade. Respectively, the sub-region of King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties are some of the most internationally-trade dependent counties in the United States. International business relationships within this area includes, but is not limited to, exports, imports, maritime trade, air cargo, education, high-tech, life science, retail, tourism, and financial investment.

King County is the largest business center in both the State of Washington, and the Pacific Northwest. It is home to many cutting-edge companies with an unmatched spirit of innovation. The highly educated workforce, exceptional quality of life, entrepreneurial culture, and strategic location attract businesses from around the globe. This kind of regional recognition by large international corporations creates derivative opportunities for new and emerging businesses. With our office ideally situated in downtown Seattle, we are firmly positioned to provide a local footprint with convenient access to investment and business opportunities within the entire Pacific Northwest.

To our Canadian business partners to the North, Washington State is your #1 trading partner. In order for that relationship to continue to flourish, entrepreneurs need a corporate legal team with knowledge of the region’s business climate to help perpetuate profitable investment in cross-border transactions.

Professional Consulting Services

Washington State’s economy has continued to steadily diversify over the past two decades with a wide array of products and services, resulting in a healthy climate for business investment. The expansion of the state’s manufacturing base, and growth in the high-tech and service sector, has greatly reduced Washington’s sensitivity to cyclical changes in manufacturing demand. No single industry dominates the economy; therefore, fluctuations in specific sectors have less dramatic effects on the cumulative state economy.

Entrepreneurs, board of directors, and C-suite executives expect their trusted legal advisor to assist them in navigating the day-to-day emerging entanglements that go along with owning and operating a business venture. Seaton Daly’s corporate law practice blends an integrated approach of legal expertise and practical real-world business acumen, which assists our clientele in the growth and development of their emerging enterprise. Whether we are advising executive management on unforeseen governance matters, or designing a data governance program for enterprise risk management compliance, our firm is committed to acting as pro tem general counsel for organizations that lack the resources to retain permanent legal assistance.

Whether it is determining the most effective entity designation for a business, or advising on the advantages and pitfalls within joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing and contract negotiations, the law firm’s goal is to create the most innovative and strategic business solutions for our clientele.