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The Slippery Slope of Our Elected Officials Economic Stimulus Plan

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  According to McAfee, Corp., they recently stated that total economic loss due to data theft and security breaches thanks to organized crime, malicious hackers, and inside jobs totaled $1 trillion dollars in 2008.  The report released by McAfee also highlights the rise in "cyber-mafia," which breaks into corporate databases and targets executives by extorting money […]

Business Law

Accessing Employee Electronic Communications May Subject a Business to Liability

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It has been well-settled that employers have a right to attach whatever conditions they want when it comes to accessing or inspecting workplace computers.  So much so, that it does not even have to be reasonable.  However, if the terms and conditions involving computer usage, Internet, e-mail, or other corporate communication systems, are not carefully outlined […]

Data Security & Privacy

The Costs Associated with a Data Breach

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  There is a huge disconnect between CEO-type personnel and CTO-type personnel when it comes to the discussion of cyber-security.  Technology officers often are aware of the risks and vulnerabilities associated with running an IT network, but they have been unable to translate those same risks and vulnerabilities into language that financial minds can comprehend.  […]