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WikiLeaks Release Highlights the Damage that can be done to an Organization’s Reputation

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With the unauthorized release today of some 250,000 top-secret documents related to the U.S. Government’s foreign policy, a 21st Century game of old school international intrigue has emerged.  While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has assured the world that the disclosures will not affect U.S. relations and interests abroad, the resulting damage control has undoubtedly left our […]


Businesses Beware: Point-of-Sale Hacking An Enormous Threat This Holiday Season

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A “Point-of-Sale” (POS) terminal is the hardware and software used by retailers during the checkout process of its respective customers.  Just like any technology-interfacing device, POS terminals are, and have been, subjected to fraudulent activities.  Recent trends point to hackers accessing the information stored on these devices to commit widespread fraud throughout the United States and […]

Business Law

Court Addresses Issue of Employee Conduct on Social Media Platforms

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The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) will be addressing in administrative court the issue of whether an employer has the right to fire an employee for comments made on Facebook.  Connecticut-based ambulance service, American Medical Response (“AMR”), recently fired Ms. Dawnmarie Souza after she ridiculed her supervisor with vulgarities on Facebook.  Ms. Souza and her […]