Business Law

How the Apple-Samsung $1Billion Verdict Complicates Intellectual Property Law

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Critics of patent federal legislation and court rulings have long-held that in recent years, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been too lenient in how it awards patents applications.  Now, in the wake of last Friday’s $1 billion Apple v. Samsung jury verdict, that laissez-faire application system may be headed for its inevitable implosion.  The most high-profile […]

Data Security & Privacy

Dropbox Employee’s Hacked Information Leads to Spam Attack

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The New York Times reported that login credentials of a Dropbox employee were stolen from an unrelated hacking incident, and led to a spam attack within its own network.  The incident occurred when hacker’s used a stolen password to log into the Dropbox employee’s account that had content which contained Dropbox user information.  From that point, the hacker’s launched a spam attack […]