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French Regulators Express ‘Deep Concerns’ Over Google’s New Privacy Policy

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On behalf of the European Union, French privacy regulators expressed “deep concern” over Google’s new privacy policy stating that the search engine company has not been “sufficiently forthcoming” in its  investigation with the regulatory agency.  The National Commission for Computing and Liberties (also known as “C.N.I.L.”) asked Google in February to answer a questionnaire, which […]

Business Law

Cyber-Warfare and ‘Virtual Terrorism’ Raise the Stakes for SMB’s to Find A Solution

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The U.S. government announced yesterday (May 22, 2012) that terrorist organizations, like al Qaeda, are looking to launch “electronic jihad” on U.S. networks that are critical to its infrastructures.  A video released by the terrorist organization yesterday urged extremists to exploit network flaws in systems related to the aviation and power grid industry, to name a few.  This […]


FBI Announces Public Service Announcement On ‘Corporate Espionage’

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The Federal Bureau of Investigations announced a public service campaign today to bring attention to the $13 billion dollars in lost trade secrets to U.S. businesses by way of state-sponsored organizations and organized-criminal elements.  In February, 2012, five companies and individuals were charged with economic espionage and theft of trade secrets for their role in […]